The mission of the After School Ministry is to provide the children with a Christian environment where they can experience love and safety.    We teach the children computer literacy, assist with their homework, offer tutorial services, and provide every child with snacks.  We serve grades Pre-K to Grade 8.  We also offer free transportation to pick the children up from their designated school.  For more information on our After School Ministry please contact the church @ 770-941-4500.

The goal of the GED Program is to successfully prepare individuals to pass the 5 part GED exam.  These courses will guide you through an enrichment program that usually begins with individual assessments. This will identify your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to GED requirements. The teacher will better understand each individual’s needs and will work with you to learn what you’ll need to successfully pass the GED exam.  Prep courses don’t have to be in actual classrooms. Many books are available at the library that will guide you through what is needed to perform well on the exam. Most of these tutorials also contain GED practice exams to give you a better understanding of what to expect at test time.  For more information on the GED program please contact Nedra Lewis @ 770-941-4500.

The fresh manna ministry goal is to provide for individual and families who are in need of food.  We are partnered with the Angel Food Network and other sponsors to make sure that we have sufficient food on hand to meet any crisis a family may be in because of lack of food.  This ministry also asks for donations from the public who may be in a position to contribute food.  If a person is in need of food or desires to contribute food please contact the church @ 770-941-4500.

The goal of the clothes closet is provide clothing, coats, shoes, and other apparel to individual and families.  Many clothes in this ministry are new, some have very limited wear and all are in good condition.  We have clothes from infants to adults in all sizes.  This ministry also asks for donations from the public who may be in a position to donate clothes.  If a person is in need of clothes or desires to donate clothes please contact Mother Evelyn Lewis @ 770-941-4500.

At the core of Beacon of Light vision is the Homeless ministry. We have been providing assistance to the homeless through this initiative since 2002 through our Abounding Grace outreach ministry. The goal of the homeless ministry is to assist the homeless by providing assistance to them in their current situation and providing the tools and means to transition them back into mainstream society where they can function as productive citizens. Some of the needs that we provide to assist the homeless are providing clothing and food through monthly outing in downtown Atlanta and in the Cobb county community. Some of the other needs we provide to the homeless community are counseling services, referral services to temporary housing and medical, and a host of other services in an effort to transition the homeless back into mainstream society.