T.I.P.S Teens

Dan 1:3-21

The acronym T•I•P•S for teens is a teen ministry designed and purposed to build a solid foundation in Christ and to counter attack the strategies of satan through focusing on the four key areas that are pivotal in determining the success of our lives. These areas are Truth• Identity• Purpose•& Success. These areas are greatly targeted by the devil with mental warfare, mostly between the ages of 12 - 19.Our goal is to provide a safe haven for youth by creating an environment of fun, transparency, and trust with fellowship, love, accountability, and food.

Teaching the truth which is the Word of God gives teens the understanding and wisdom needed to counter attack the strategies of Satan such as mental illness, ancestor summoning , witchcraft, and various lies about who they are.Teaching identity through the truth of God's Word helps teen to know who they are and who they belong too which gives them confidence to lead by example in standing on GODS TRUTH and equips them to counter attack Satan's plan of applying false identities, following what's popular, peer pressure and the courage to simply say no.

Knowing God's Word and their identity helps transform there way of thinking and puts every teen in a position to know their purpose or why they were created, which then helps them to put their focus in the right direction and helps them to change the most common question asked of what do you want to be into What has God created me to do.

When every teen has a solid foundation in God's Truth, confident about their identity in who they are in Jesus Christ, and know their purpose of why they were created, this is the definition of success in God.